Memory of Water
This TV movie tells the story of La Isabela, a spa in the twenties became one of the most sought after by top Spanish society of the time. The spa quoted came aristocrats, politicians and eccentric widows seeking relax and cure ailments. Everything takes a turn when, in an exclusive seasonal opening ceremony, a murder occurs. Nothing will ever be the same.

The Spanish-English Lady
Adaptation of one of the Exemplary Novels by Cervantes, The Spanish-English Lady is a great story of romance and adventure which takes places in the turbulent late sixteenth century. The Spanish-English Lady is a carefully staged large-scale production; it recreates fortresses in Algiers, battles in the streets of Cadiz, the Throne Room of Westminster Abbey, British palaces and castles, ports and galleons.

Closed Rooms
A melodrama set in two eras, nowadays and the first decades of the 20th Century, based on the story of the Lax family, an important upper-class family from Barcelona. All families have secrets and the Lax family, one of the most known sagas of the city, could not be less important.

El Café de la Marina
Filmed in the real and old fishermen wooden-made huts in Castell Beach (Girona, Spain).

The Angel of Budapest
During the 2nd World War the lives of about 5.000 Budapest residents were saved thanks to the work of a young diplomat from Spain, Ángel Sanz Briz, known thereafter as The Angel of Budapest.

Cat Food
In this light ensemble comedy, lives and circumstances, hopes and dreams converge in a neighbourhood supermarket where a certain brand of cat food is offering a trip to the Caribbean.

While attempting to rescue her daughter from drowning, Alba has an accident and loses consciousness. When she wakes up in the hospital, she is completely deaf.

The Mirror
Alvaro and Sonia, a young married couple in crisis, have just moved to the city. He’s found an amazing job and his wife has apparently left everything to follow him.