No ordinary biopic. No Ordinary man.

El Somni (The Dream)
A documentary feature film showcasing the creative process of more than 40 artists who participated in a dinner.

The Last Match
A look at Cruyff's 40 years in Catalonia.

A look at the common ties between religions and cultures.

Fast-Track Injustice
A revealing investigation about the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

The Armenian
Violinist Ara Malikian travels to Armenia for the first time to discover his people’s roots through music and solidarity.

Around The Planet
Around the Planet invites you to go around the world in just one hour. With a touch of humour a famous celebrity will guide you to a different destination every week.

Barefoot in the Kitchen
A chronicle of how Spanish cinema has portrayed women, and their evolution from the 1930s to this day, by means of 180 film fragments. It also reviews the history of the country.

Born Naked
Andrea and Paula, homosexuals of 23 and 25 years, will show us, through their personal experience, the reality of young lesbians of their generation in Madrid, London and Berlin.

Checkpoint Rock
A journey through one of the regions which is always in the glare of the world’s media, yet just few of us really know.

A Drop in the Ocean
"A drop in the ocean" is a documentary series that visits 20 different corners of the planet to try to cut down the distances that currently separate all of us.

Llach. The Permanent Revolt
During a workers’ meeting in Vitoria, the police shot five people dead and injured over a hundred. That same night, furious, Llach composed what was to become one of the most emblematic songs of the Transition.

Son and Moon
A human story about the difficulties a father faces in maintaining family ties with his seven year-old son during Expedition 14.

This is not the Dakar Rally
The Challenge. To drive from Plymouth (UK) to Banjul (the capital of Gambia) in cars whose nominal value cannot exceed 300€.

The man who unfolded a thousand hearts
For centuries, the human heart was a medical mystery: its function was understood, but not its structure.

Women Under Construction
The personal feelings and values of different women who have been victims of a terrorist attack and have rebuilt their lives.